Stress Management Fun

Stress and Anxiety

Joyce Alexander describes her CD Stress And Anxiety Management, which utilizes guided imagery to help people with taking small steps towards stress relief, listening to their heart and soul, understanding and healing past pain, and living life with passion.

Truth Calkins: Helping to locate Stress Management

stress, meditation, yoga, what to do to relieve your stress? Joyce Alexander guides Truth Calkins into a stage of hypnosis using guided imagery.

Do you feel Stressed Out?

Rose Colombo, award-winning host and author and poet welcomes Joyce Alexander Black, M.A., Hypnotherapist, visiting the USA from the UK for a short time and graciously honors Colombo Chronicles Live by sharing her invaluable information with the audience.


 I offer a free 15 minute consultation. Let us see if we are a good match and if so, let us have some Stress Management Fun because the other side of pain is fun.


That is why I love coaching. To help you create your road map so you can have the life you want. You deserve that.

I want to help you find your key. What I have learned, and hope to teach, is the way to rid yourself of any darkness inside, often caused by self doubt from listening to others’ negative talk.