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About Joyce


Joyce Alexander Black, M.A.

Joyce was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with a pre-med background. Specializing in individual, couples, and family therapy, and as a coach, she has worked with organizations such as the YMCA, child foster services, hospice training, Los Angeles mental health facilities, Selma Jails for women inmates, girls homes, boys homes, elementary and high schools in Los Angeles, as well as working privately with adults, couples and groups. Her work has helped women and men to find their voice and create healthy boundaries.


Her training as an NLP Master Practitioner, Coach, and Hypnotherapist, and her specialist experience in Stress Management, Bereavement, Cancer Issues, and Relationships, supports people to follow their own dreams.


Joyce has worked at Hollywood Studios in California, including Disney, Paramount, NBC, ABC, Universal Studios, and more. She has also worked with inner-city kids from areas ranging from Watts and Compton, to Beverly Hills. For the past few years, Joyce has lived and worked internationally between London UK, and Los Angeles.


She has been awarded the Irwin International Writers Award by the Southern California Book Publicist Organization, and has been published in two books; Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit, and The Spirit of David. Joyce is currently completing her book on Relationships and Communication, which is expected to be out by January 2023. Leave Joyce your email address and she will notify you when her book is available.


Joyce has extensive experience in Hollywood, producing and presenting TV shows, and presenting seminars on a variety of psychology-related topics such as Stress Management, Bereavement, and Communication within Relationships. Joyce has written, narrated and produced a series of 7 self-help audio recordings, which you can find on iTunes, by searching there using her name. 

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