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Des O'Connor Show

At the Des O'Connor Show, Joyce Alexander Black interviews a couple and helps them deal with their differences.

Believing In Yourself

Live free learning how to be FREE of the illusions of this life and live in love let go of fear...enjoy this moment with a man who lives a stress free his dreams..What would happen if you could be completely free and happy?

Self Confidence Keeps You Looking Young

Meet Hildi Smith. While it may be hard to believe, she is over 55 years old and as you can see - incredibly sexy! Her self-empowerment and confidence are admirable and an inspiration to those looking to build their self-esteem.

Headache Relief

An exclusive interview with Joyce Alexander who carries a master's degree in Clinical Psychology by Jerome Murdock. Joyce Alexander describes her CD Headache Relief NOW! which utilizes guided imagery to help people suffering from headaches.